Art Specs

Graphics produced as Vector art produce the best results.

Artwork can be created in one of two ways: Vector and Raster

Vector Artwork is created using applications such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.  It is created by placing points on an X/Y axis on the artboard and creating lines between the points that have a mathematical formula to create their shape.   Making artwork in this way allows it to be resized without pixelating.  By creating your artwork using this method, your artwork will be crisp and clear for all sizes from Youth size XS through Adult size 4XL.

Raster Artwork is similar to jpeg photographs created by your digital camera.  It is created by making a grid of tiny pixels in the various colors of the image created.  This type of artwork is created by programs like Adobe Photoshop.  When Raster artwork is used it becomes blurry or pixelated when enlarged.  Although this can work in some instances it is extremely difficult to keep it consistent when resizing graphics for the many sizes within your clothing order.

What Do We need from you to design your Clothing?

  • Logos:  We need all logos you plan to have on your clothing,  as illustrated above it is best if all logos are in Vector format (usually .ai or .eps).  Most companies have their logos in one of these formats.  If the logos you have are not in vector format, ask specifically for this format.
  • Sponsor Logos:  It is your responsibility to verify that you have permission to use company logos.  It is illegal to use copyrighted or trademarked images with out permission
  • How can you tell if your logos are in vector format?  Generally if it is in .ai or .eps it is a vector file, but not always.  The only way to know for sure is to open the file using a program like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.  If you are not sure you can send it to us and we can check for you.  send it to:
  • Colors and Main background:  Your clothing will be produced using process printing (CMYK).  Let us know the main colors and patterns you want to use.  If you have pictures of designs that you like send them to us and we can incorporate them into your design.
  • What if you are unable to obtain vector logos?  If the logos are raster format (i.e. .psd, .jpg, .gif, .png, or .tiff)  Send them to us and we our designers may be able to convert them to vector,  there may be some additional costs for this design work.
    ***Note:  These files should be saved at 100% of the size you would like them to appear, with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI (dots per inch).

If you are using your own designers, what do they need to know?

  • Although we have already said this, we can not say it enough. Vector graphics are the best.
  • Design by Panel:  Although we can make clothing with graphics which have lines that move from one panel to the adjacent panel, it is important to know that during the sewing process there will be some mismatch of these lines from panel to panel.
  • Design with Clipping Masks:  When creating background patterns, make the patterns larger than the panel and use a clipping mask.  This makes it easier to design, and aids in the production process.
  • Please make sure all of your fonts are converted into paths
  • You can design using pantone colors, but prior to production they will all be converted to CMYK.
  • If your designer has any questions, feel free to ask.  They can send an email to , or call us at 801-513-1261

What is the cost of design work?

  • We do not charge for design work.
  • Because our designers time is valuable we do need to make sure we do not waste it.  For this purpose we do require a design deposit of $150.00.  100% of this deposit will be credited towards your order when it is placed.  This deposit is non-refundable if no order is placed.