About Us

Founded by Cyclists

As competitive Racers we know the value of Comfortable & Durable Clothing that Looks Great

Located in Beautiful Mountain Green, Utah.  Right out our front door we have some of the best riding to be found anywhere.  About 10 minutes from our office is the amazing Snow Basin, UT Trail network with amazing Mountain Biking, a great place to test our clothing.  Leaving right from our front door we can ride the part of the course of the Tour of Utah, some of the most scenic road biking in Utah.  We take advantage of this great riding to test our clothing and make sure it provides you with comfort, durability, and great looks.

At EPIC Cyclewear, Riding is our passion.

We love to ride bikes.  We know that people need to be comfortable to get the most of their riding, so we design our clothing to do just that.  Throughout the development process we keep the 2 most important things in mind; Comfort and Durability:

  • Comfort:  Our biggest goal is to make sure our clothing is clothing is comfortable.  The last thing you want to be thinking about on your ride is your clothing keeping you from riding.  We have worked hard to have many options to keep you comfortable, no matter the conditions you ride in
  • Durability:  We only use materials and methods that are designed to last.  Our clothing is meant to last not just one season, but seasons to come.  If the materials we test don’t last, we don’t use them
  • Good Looks:  We believe in fully custom Cycling Kits.  Some companies offer a online design by yourself option.  These web pages can only give you a semi-Custom Jersey or Shorts.  Our designers will work with you to give you the exact look you want.